Mar 9

Charles Smith on Whether All Christians Should Consider Themselves Leaders by Charles Smith

FTC.co asks Charles Smith, Senior VP for Institutional Relations and Assistant Professor of Christian Leadership at MBTS, “Should all Christians consider themselves leaders?”

Feb 2

Charles Smith on the Greatest Challenges Facing Leaders in the 21st Century by Charles Smith

FTC.co asks Charles Smith, Senior Vice President for Institutional Relations and Professor of Christian Leadership at Midwestern Seminary, “What are the greatest challenges facing leaders in the 21st century?”

Jan 4

The Value of Vision in Leadership by Mike Ayers

A leader with a calling from God who is able to translate that calling into a clear, concise, and compelling vision is a leader who motivates others.

Sep 10

Steve Bezner on Pastors Leading Through Conflict by Steve Bezner

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Steve Bezner, Lead Pastor at Houston Northwest Church in Houston, TX: "What should pastors remember when leading through times of conflict?"

Sep 1

The Leadership Formula: Leadership Development and a Global Pandemic by Juan Sanchez

Brother-pastors, until Christ returns, let us give ourselves to identifying and developing the next generation of faithful men who will teach others also.

Jul 24

Leading by Honoring by Adam McClendon

Honor time is not flattery time.

Mar 9

From Associate Pastor to Senior Pastor (In the Same Church) by Jason Helopoulos

A few challenges and helpful advice for an Associate Pastor becoming the Senior Pastor in the same church he has been serving for years.

Nov 22

Pastor, Don’t Interview like Michael Scott by Benjamin Vrbicek

Interviewing can be a rough experience for most pastors, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Sep 16

Leadership in the Valley of Vision by Chad Williams

I need to be reminded that a vision of God is greater, more important, than any vision I could ever create and cast

Jul 22

16 Leadership Lessons I Learned the Hard Way by Charles Smith

For good or bad, leaders set the emotional tone within an organization. . . . Hope is the most powerful tool in your arsenal.