Oct 13

Episode 139: Scott Thomas on The Gospel-Shaped Leader by Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson visits with Scott Thomas, Executive Pastor of Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tennessee, about gospel-shaped leadership, the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness among ministers, and Scott’s own time pastoring at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and what he learned from its implosion.

Oct 12

Pastors, Fight Against Fear of Man by Fighting for the Fear of the Lord by Dave Cook

When I began pastoral ministry, I didn’t realize it would be my job to disappoint people. I had to tell a young man he wasn’t ready for ministry. I had to counsel a couple that they shouldn’t get married. I had to  inform the church that Sunday’s text means exactly what they don’t want it […]

Oct 11

I Don’t Want To Be A Pastor Anymore by Jeremy Burrage

God has created a culture where brokenness, transparency, and honesty are welcomed, not shunned.

Sep 23

Principles for Giving and Receiving Encouragement to the Preacher by Skylar Spradlin

How much do you think your preaching influences your people? We know the biblical answer. Preaching is God’s ordained means of communicating the truths of scripture and the gospel to His people and the world. But on a personal level, how much do you think your preaching is influential? Most pastors will never stand before […]

Sep 7

Pastors, Fight Against Fear of Man by Fighting for the Fear of the Lord by Dave Cook

Future pastor, local churches need unwavering leaders who fear the Lord. They don’t need you to meet their expectations, but they do need to see your hand tremble when you hold up your Bible.

Aug 20

Trevin Wax On The Pastor And Cultural Trends by Trevin Wax

Series: Conversations

How important is it for preachers to pay attention to cultural trends and popular media?

Aug 17

J.T. English on Advice for Pastors on the Edge of Burnout by J.T. English asks J.T. English, Lead Pastor of Storyline Fellowship in Arvada, Colorado: “What advice would you give to a pastor on the verge of burnout?”

Aug 12

4 Unmet Emotional Needs of Pastors: Rest by Ben Mandrell

In my experience, most pastors get a D- in the rest category. I address this subject with fear and trepidation, hoping my wife doesn’t actually read it. She knows I’m a high-intensity person who struggles with “turning it off.” I wish I could say that zeal for the glory of God is what drives me, […]

Jul 16

Clint Pressley On Writing Sermons by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

How do you write sermons? Describe your sermon preparation process

Jul 12

Dependence On Christ For Pastors by Mike Ayers

Ultimately, our confidence is not in our abilities, but in the God who works beyond them.