Jun 29

Episode 166: Jonathan Dodson on The Unwavering Pastor by Jared C. Wilson and Jonathan Dodson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with pastor and author Jonathan Dodson about his new book, “The Unwavering Pastor”, and how ministry leaders can navigate this strange and trying new season with grace and endurance.

Jun 6

Pastor, Jesus Doesn’t Care How Big Your Church Is by Jared C. Wilson

When you get to the end of your race, you will not be judged on how many people you shepherded. You will have to give an account for how you shepherded, of course—but not how many.

May 13

Noah Oldham on the Pastor’s Physical Health by Noah Oldham

Why should pastors care about their physical health?

Apr 13

Wildfires and Bear Attacks by Joseph Fowler

I refuse to believe that (most) pastors and teachers of God’s Word do so with the intention of harming others. In fact many pastors, even those who have done harm, say the things that they say for a couple of reasons.

Mar 25

Matt Capps on Pastors Reading Philosophy by Matt Capps

What kind of books should pastors read that they normally don’t?

Mar 18

Dean Inserra on Pastoral Burnout by Dean Inserra asked Dean Inserra, “What advice would you give to a pastor on the verge of burnout?”

Mar 10

How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament: Step 6–Argument Tracing by Jason DeRouchie

Series: How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament

“Argument-tracing” is step 6 in understanding and apply the Old Testament. Perhaps more than any other step in the exegetical process, this one helps us grasp a passage’s message. In this post, I will show how to trace the argument of a passage by using an argument-diagram.

Mar 3

Losing Leaders, Gaining God by Austin Dovin

I am deeply grieved by the loss of once highly esteemed leaders. As I consider this heartbreaking reality in today’s church culture, I cannot help but think that God is trying to teach his people a valuable lesson.

Feb 3

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor by Parker Smith

Let me encourage you to get behind the man who God has sent to shepherd His local church. Support your pastor, build him up. Encourage him to stay the course, let him know you are with him, standing alongside him, and are following him as He follows Christ.

Jan 11

Want to Be a Pastor? Be Someone Worth Imitating by Bobby Jamieson

To be a pastor is to live your life in public. Even when you’re off, you’re on.