Jul 16

Clint Pressley On Writing Sermons by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

How do you write sermons? Describe your sermon preparation process

Jul 12

Dependence On Christ For Pastors by Mike Ayers

Ultimately, our confidence is not in our abilities, but in the God who works beyond them.

Jul 8

4 Unmet Emotional Needs of Pastors: Friendship by Ben Mandrell

Confession: This article is written by a man with a lifelong addiction to achievement. Prioritizing friendship has never been my strong suit. In the 5th grade, I discovered that straight A’s were a surefire way to separate myself from the pack, to get ahead and to chase a dream. While my passion for learning has […]

Jul 7

Episode 125: FTC Mailbag by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared and Ronni answer your questions in another installment of the FTC Mailbag. This time around they cover pastors who badmouth former congregations, how to find godly mentors, pastors balancing community involvement with local church ministry, pastoring people through midlife, and beginning replant conversations with dying churches.

Jul 2

Won Kwak On Cultivating A Healthy Legacy by Won S. Kwak

Series: Conversations

What can a young pastor do to start cultivating a healthy legacy?

Jul 1

Pastoral Advice Worth Repeating: Part 5 – Ground Yourself in God’s Word by Jordan Wilbanks

If you are one who would teach the Bible, one who would pastor, the message of the Bible should have a growing richness to you which deepens your affection for Jesus Christ.

Jul 1

5 Reasons I Love Being a Pastor by Tim Counts

I know that God is always doing a million things and that we are usually only aware of a few of them, but as a pastor, I literally get to see God’s invisible hand working out his plan for his glory and his people’s good every week.

Jul 1

Matt Capps on Transitioning to Pastoral Ministry by Matt Capps

Series: Conversations

Recently transitioning back into pastoral ministry, what do you feel prepared for this time around?

Jun 1

Letters to My Students Vol. 2: On Pastoring – A Q&A with Jason K. Allen by Staff

The needs of the local church—and those who comprise it—are great. Pastors must be up to that challenge. I hope this book will help them toward these noble ends.

May 27

Jonathan Leeman on The Next Generation of Pastors by Jonathan Leeman

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing the next generation of pastors needs to know?