Jun 14

Episode 215: Top 10 Christian Musicians by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson share their favorite Christian musical acts, plus a few honorable mentions.

Jan 12

Worship: The Completion of Our Affection by Dustin Rouse

C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors. One of the most impactful things he has written in regards to worship isn’t about the subject of worship in particular, but it definitely helps my heart to feel and my mind to know what is true. He says this in “Reflections on the Psalms” : “I […]

Sep 28

Zion’s Cultural Heritage by Lydia Schaible

During my college years I traveled extensively, as a result I experienced a variety of cultures. The hospitality of Egypt, with cups full of Maghrebi, mint tea heavily laden with sugar; or the extended Italian meals that feature aperitivo, first and second Piatti, followed by a strong digestivo. I danced with Malawians at the celebration […]

Jul 20

Episode 169: Worship Leader Pet Peeves by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson discuss things worship leaders do that they wish they wouldn’t (and a few things they’re glad they do).

Jun 9

On Worship by H.B. Charles Jr.

This post is an excerpt from On Worship: A Short Guide to Understanding, Participating in, and Leading Corporate Worship by H.B. Charles. The book is out now from Moody Publishers and wherever Christian books are sold. HOW TO WORSHIP GOD In the first word of the Ten Commandments, God commanded His people to worship Him exclusively: “You shall have […]

Aug 28

Corporate Worship: A Book Review by Kirk Metzger

Matt Merker wrote Corporate Worship because he knows that there is a connection between who the congregation sees themself to be and how they worship as a church.

May 24

A Plea to Worship Leaders: Sing for the Children by Cody Barnhart

When children hear the gospel sung, even if they don’t fully understand what it means, they get a head start on learning the vocabulary of the gospel.

May 19

Magnifying God in Music: A Lesson from the Life of Spurgeon by Grace Pike

Series: Beholding and Becoming

From the rustling of falling leaves, to the dripping of the rain, to the whistling of the wind, to the silence of the mountains—all things gladly extol the King who commanded them.

May 5

Women in SBC Hymnody by Leah Boyd

When I look down at my hymnal and see the name of a woman as the author of the hymn being sung, it is a comforting reminder to me that women are welcomed to use their artistic, poetic, and musical giftings in service to the Lord within Southern Baptist churches.