J. Alan Branch

Dr. J. Alan Branch is Professor of Christian Ethics at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he has served since 2001. He earned his undergraduate degree from Kennesaw State College and his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosphy from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of the book Born This Way? Homosexuality, Science, and Scripture. Dr. Branch served as a chaplain in the United States Army Reserves from 2009 to 2013 and served a tour in the Middle East from 2011 to 2012. He has served as an interim pastor for churches in Kansas and Missouri and preaches frequently. Dr. Branch and his wife, Lisa, have two daughters.  

Jul 17

Sexuality and Gender in Baptist Perspective by J. Alan Branch

The restrained vision of gender and sexual ethics embraces limits imposed by Scripture and is readily distinguished from the culture’s unrestrained view in which sexual ethics are released from virtually all limitations. Christian sexual morality assumes God exists and, in the Bible, has made known definite boundaries for appropriate sexual expression. God designed sex, and […]

Aug 25

How Dangerous Hermeneutics Can Inform False Teachers by J. Alan Branch

False teachers abuse God’s word to build their own kingdom, not Christ’s church. A sure sign of trouble is when a preacher abandons careful handling of the text and fails to determine what a passage meant to the original audience.

Jan 26

“Cannabis is in the Bible?”: Debunking an Interpretative Myth by J. Alan Branch

Marijuana advocates often repeat this claim in an effort to gain leverage for the moral permissibility of smoking pot. The claim is so strange and peculiar, pastors, church leaders, and parents can be caught off guard and find themselves ill-prepared to answer this bit of cannabis urban legend.

Nov 2

Medical Marijuana and Christian Ethics by J. Alan Branch

Willie Nelson may be America’s most famous marijuana user. In a recent interview in Rolling Stone, he said: “It’s nice to watch [marijuana] being accepted — knowing you were right all the time about it: that it was not a killer drug. It’s a medicine.”[1] Nelson’s description of marijuana as “medicine” reflects wider confusion in […]

May 19

Covid-19 Vaccines and Abortion-Derived Human Cell Lines by J. Alan Branch

How do I respond when a profoundly effective method of preventing disease – vaccination – intersects with my moral opposition to abortion?

Jan 13

Will Democracy Survive in the United States? by J. Alan Branch

A democracy with a citizenry whose conscience is informed by Biblical categories offers the best chance for ensuring basic liberties and self-correcting abuses

Aug 17

Medical Marijuana and Christian Ethics by J. Alan Branch

When listening to claims about medical marijuana, remember Proverbs 14:15, “The naïve believes everything, but the sensible man considers his steps.”

Mar 11

Acts 15, Infanticide, and Using the Bible in Ethics by J. Alan Branch

The Bible gives us the necessary worldview and the essential principles needed for thinking through these issues with the right perspective. 

Apr 22

Simple Suggestions for a Successful Church Business Meeting by J. Alan Branch

While business meetings can be a great cause for anxiety, they need not be. Here are a few ideas for avoiding acrimonious business meetings in a local church.

Feb 11

Marriage: A Covenant, Not a Contract by J. Alan Branch

Marriage is a covenant and not a contract. Marriage is intended to be commitment to which we maintain trust and fidelity until separated by death.