Sam Bierig

Sam Bierig serves as Dean of Spurgeon College. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from Ouachita Baptist University and received his Masters of Divinity from Southern Seminary. Sam pastored in Arkansas for six years and now serves as an elder at Liberty Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri. Sam is married to Mallory and they have one daughter, Abby Mae, and two sons, Levi and Owen. You can follow him on Twitter @ecclesiologian.

Jul 21

Sam Bierig on Common Mistakes When Reading Proverbs by Sam Bierig asks Sam Bierig, Dean and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at Spurgeon College, “What is a common mistake Christians make when reading the book of Proverbs?”

Apr 13

Sam Bierig on the Most Important Ingredient in Student Ministry by Sam Bierig

Series: Conversations asks Sam Bierig, Dean and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at Spurgeon College, "What is the most important ingredient to student ministry?"

Jan 29

10 Reasons to Read Strachan’s Reenchanting Humanity by Sam Bierig

Is Strachan right to claim that anthropology is the major issue of our time? He is. There is no more pressing issue for the Church of Jesus Christ.

Jan 24

A Student Ministry Manifesto by Sam Bierig

A 10-point manifesto for a healthier Youth Ministry.

Jan 9

Ten Truths about a Liar by Sam Bierig

It is vital that you and I rightly discern and evaluate Satan. He is not to be trifled with nor buffooned, but in Christ, his back was utterly broken on Calvary’s hill.

Oct 31

God’s Wrecking Ball: A Tribute to Luther by Sam Bierig

Luther was God’s wrecking ball. He was God’s appointed servant for such a time as the Protestant Reformation.

Jun 15

Using Your Words Wisely (Part 5) by Sam Bierig

When the reality that your true address is on high in heaven with Christ, then you will think, live and talk as such here on earth.

Jun 14

Using Your Words Wisely (Part 4) by Sam Bierig

For the Christian, Christ’s honor and name are at stake with each and every word that piles out of our mouth.

Jun 13

Using Your Words Wisely (Part 3) by Sam Bierig

Until the heart is transformed, we are no more than broken people breaking people—the wounded inflicting more wounds on the already wounded.