Day 17 – Patience in Times of Trials

Series: 31 Prayers for Pastors 

by Staff October 17, 2022

”Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”
– Romans 12:12

Day 17 – Patience in Times of Trials

As trials knock on our doorstep and enter our lives, Scripture gives us an idea of how to respond to trials: be patient. Be patient in trials. For all of us, patience in seasons of hardship and uncertainty does not come easy.

The same can be said for pastors, When families leave the church, death and disease are on the rise, criticism keeps coming, or personal matters are heavy, pastors are called to be patient and lead out in displaying patience.

Patience, especially in hard times, comes from being rooted in the precepts and promises of God, not in the preferences or perceptions of man. We can find patience in times of difficulty by trusting in the One who has overcome them all and who provides solace to the hurting.

As you pray for your pastor today, consider praying for him in these ways:

  • Trust in the promises and precepts of God
  • A heart that pursues patience and understanding
  • Ability to see seasons of trials as moments for God to rebuke, restore, or renew, or remind

Prayer Prompt

Lord, I pray that my pastor (for a church member)/ I (as a pastor) will find patience and understanding in the hard seasons of life and ministry. Remind him of your promises and allow your promises to strengthen and protect his heart through these seasons…

*These prayers are a part of our series of prayers for pastors during Pastor Appreciation Month. A new prayer will release every morning throughout the month for pastors and their members to reflect on and pray.