Jun 1

Rhythms of Healthy Small Groups by Jeremy Linneman

In this short article series, I hope to help cultivate—or, perhaps, restore—your hope for biblical community and your heart for local church small groups ministry. (In these articles, I’m using the phrases “small groups” and “community groups” interchangeably.) I want to do this by helping you answer two questions for your context: (1) How will […]

Jun 1

On Conversion as Our Aim by Charles Spurgeon and Jason K. Allen

The grand object of the Christian ministry is the glory of God. Whether souls are converted or not, if Jesus Christ be faithfully preached, the minister has not labored in vain, for he is a sweet savor unto God as well in them that perish as in them that are saved. Yet, as a rule, […]

May 31

The Ordinary Means of Grace by Travis Montgomery

Series: Theology in the Everyday

What are the ordinary means of grace? They are the outward practices God has prescribed by which He promises His nourishing presence to His people when they participate by faith.

May 30

What Should Churches Do for the Fourth of July? by Thomas Kidd

What should churches do on the Sunday of the Fourth of July? The Fourth of July can be one of the most perplexing dates of the year for many pastors. Unlike Easter and Christmas, the Fourth is neither a universal, nor a specifically Christian occasion. It’s only celebrated by Americans, and non-Christians can enjoy the […]

May 30

The Whole Gospel of Mark in a Single Verse by Daniel Brueske and John Lee

Editor’s Note: This post is excerpted from A Ransom for Many by John J.R. Lee and Daniel Brueske (Lexham Press, 2023). This book is now available for purchase. On the evening of Thursday, February 28, 1889, Charles Haddon Spurgeon ascended the steps of the Metropolitan Tabernacle pulpit in London, England, to preach a sermon that […]

May 25

Small Groups Are Hard—and So Worth It by Jeremy Linneman

I’ve been on a long journey with community groups and have arrived at a strong conviction: Community groups are the best place for us—as relational beings—to become mature disciples of Christ. I have spent fifteen years leading and hosting community groups, including seven years of serving as a community pastor at Sojourn Community Church in […]

May 24

The Eternity of God by Scott Meadows

Series: Theology in the Everyday

As the supreme Artist, God has not only created time but is altogether uncontained by it. He is no distant deity but intimate and fully present in all time simultaneously. But what is God’s eternity?

May 23

Cynicism Isn’t a Spiritual Gift by Daniel Darling

One of my favorite verses in the New Testament is a bit of an odd one. James, writing about prayer and dependence on God, makes this statement: Elijah was a man like us (James 5:17). Now, I’ve gone to church my whole life and have learned a lot about Elijah. He’s the wild wilderness dude […]

May 17

The Spirituality of God by Drake Burrows

“There is but one only living and true God, who is infinite in being and perfection, a most pure spirit, invisible, without body, parts, or passions. . .”

May 17

Five Reasons Why Pastors Should Share Their Pulpit by Brandon Sutton

Every bad church story happens either at a business meeting or a deacon’s meeting. This was a deacon’s meeting—circa, Spring of 2011. I was a 25-year-old youth leader who desperately want to learn and grow as a pastor—particularly in preaching. Our church just lost its pastor and hired an interim—Pastor Don. God bless him. Pastor […]