Jul 19

Three Ingredients for Faithful Preaching by Jason K. Allen

Faithful preaching has three primary ingredients. Creativity and homiletical polish are helpful, but the key ingredients of faithful preaching are preset and established by God. The three ingredients touch on who is qualified to preach, why one should preach, and what one should preach. Who May Preach? Though the gospel call is promiscuous, the call […]

Jul 15

Prayer, A Sweet Communion by Drake Burrows

The Beginning of Prayer In the beginning, God breathed His breath into humanity. According to both Moses and Paul, this breath (or Spirit) caused Adam and Eve to be living souls (see Gen 1:7; 1 Cor 15:45). What does it mean to be a living soul? At the very least, it means that we were […]

Jul 10

Why Every Church Member Matters by Caleb Davis

Most people don’t know who you are. In fact, most church members are unknown. They aren’t speaking at conferences, writing books, on a website, or being paid. I’ve been at conferences with thousands and thousands of people and less than a dozen on stage. Most Christians are the people in the pew, not the pulpit. […]

Jul 4

Thomas Jefferson, The Baptists, and A Giant Block of Cheese by Thomas Kidd

Despite having a widespread reputation for irreligious beliefs, President Thomas Jefferson was a hero to many Baptists in America because he was arguably the nation’s greatest champion of religious liberty. Baptists wanted to convey how delighted they were with his election as president in 1800. A big block of cheese played a major role in […]

Jun 28

The Biblical Language of Missions by Joe Allen

As you have read through your Bible, maybe you have wondered, “Why is no one called a missionary in the New Testament?” There are pastors and elders, apostles and evangelists, prophets and priests, but where are the missionaries? Indeed, you may have noticed that the word “mission” does not even appear in your English Bible. […]

Jun 21

Motherhood: An Unassuming Currency by Janae Zook

Motherhood is often the sipping of lukewarm coffee. It’s the crunch of Cheerios underfoot. It’s washing dishes and waking to wash dishes…again. Mothering leaves us exhausted. We work around the clock, and the laundry is still half-folded. When we’ve left careers, trade promotions, and external achievements for more time at home, this discouragement is compounded […]

Jun 19

The Green Glass Door and The Gospel by Jordan Hill

When I played college baseball, we used to play games on the road to make the time go by faster. My games of choice were either Spades or riddle word games. My favorite riddle was “The Green Glass Door.” If you haven’t heard, it goes like this: There is a Green Glass Door. A goose […]

Jun 17

A New Birth by Ross Ferguson

Everyone is born dead. Signs of life are evident—the ability to breathe, the pulse felt on our wrists, and an ever-increasing ability to understand the things of this world. Yet signs of death are lurking in the background. Death is seen in the disobedient child, in the small lies we tell each other, and in […]

Jun 14

What the Christian Does by Charles Spurgeon

Editor’s Note: Excerpted with permission from The Great Commission: A Sermon Collection by Charles H. Spurgeon, edited by Jason K. Allen. Copyright 2024, B&H Publishing. Available now from B&H and wherever Christian books are sold. What the Christian Does[1] I will take it for granted that every believer here wants to be useful. If he […]

Jun 12

The Missing Ingredient In Too Many Marriages: Joy by Tim Counts

Like cupcakes that are missing sugar, there are too many Christian marriages that are missing a key ingredient. This missing ingredient in too many marriages doesn’t mean it’s not a marriage, just as a cupcake missing sugar doesn’t mean it’s not a cupcake. But neither “tastes” good. When we realize that what is at stake […]