The LORD our God is Lord of Hosts.
He holds all time within his hand.
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
From all eternity will stand.

From deepest deep, before the start
God has declared the sweetest end
He's loved and purposed in his heart
The brokenness of man to mend.

Brother Jesus his siblings saves
And conquers sin upon the cross
The death-proof king then slips the grave
And brings redemption to the lost.

Should we alight to heavens' heights
Or seek the dark of deepest grave,
Each space is filled with splendid light.
Christ meets us there with pow'r to save.

The deadest heart is summoned forth,
And granted grace in second birth.
And as in us it conquers more,
His kingdom comes upon the earth

Exalted Son we wait to see,
Christ's fame a banner soon unfurled.
As raging waters fill the seas,
His glory then will fill the world.