Links For The Church (1/24)

by Staff January 25, 2021

The Blessing of Weariness

We all have felt weary this last year. David Qaoud reflects on what this weariness can teach us and how we might just find blessing in weariness if we know how to look.

Returning to God After a Time of Sin

What is God’s perspective of us after we sin? In this helpful article, we are reminded of what God thinks of us.

Don’t Edit Your Prayers

“We are God’s children if we trust in Jesus, and this means we can speak directly to God the Father through Jesus Christ.”

I Am My Own Greatest Hardship

If we’re honest, we all tend to be the person that causes us the most grief. Yet we must learn to both be content with who God has made us and quick to repent of sin.

3 Things Single Parents Wish You Knew

“Our worlds as single parents are often stormy—we’re healing and helping our children do the same.” – Tessa Reed