Links For The Church (10/17)

by Staff October 16, 2016

Don't Let It Get Inside You

Sharon Hodde Miller helps us learn how to fight against cynicism that can seep into our hearts when things around us seem negative. She provides us with three ways to fight darkness with clarity and truth. 

Joy Comes In The Morning, But Not Tomorrow

This brief piece by Barnabas Piper is packed full of truth about when "joy comes in the morning." It can be hard to understand this passage when we wake up feeling worse than we did the day before. "Joy is something deeper, something more profound."

A Story Of A Yearning Heart That Knew Not What It Longed For

This moving fictional story about a girl and her father tells a deeper story about God. Though it is set within the context of struggling with singleness, H. J. Roderick points all who read it to the beauty of knowing God. 

It's Not Just A Guy Thing

Tim Challies pushes back on "the second glance logic" when it comes to coveting. He argues that "our hearts are now in such a posture that we are eager to look at things that are forbidden."