Links For The Church (10/3)

by Staff October 3, 2016

Women's Discipleship and the Mommy Blogosphere

Hannah Anderson brings others into the world of women's discipleship and helps leaders understand what temptations and benefits are found when women share online. 

Its Never Too Soon To Talk About Race in Your Church

"Churches that are predominantly white need to start talking about diversity, and they need to begin to build a cultural vocabulary such that the congregation is clamoring for diversity as they have built awareness."

Why 'No Creed But Christ' is a Lousy Creed

Ligon Duncan, in this interview with Jeff Robinson, shares how the church can benefit from been a confessional church and also remarks on the dangers that can arise. 

You Cannot Vote Your Conscience

Bryce Young takes a closer look at what the conscience really is, and how Christians ought to think about it, especially in light of this year's election.