Links For The Church (10/31)

by Staff October 31, 2016

Take Halloween Captive

There are always questions and concerns that arrive for Christians around Halloween. Instead of approaching it with fear and unsurity, David Mathis encourages the church to step towards Halloween with confidence in the King. 

Insecurity and Assurance of Salvation

"Real assurance rests on a sound understanding of salvation, a sound understanding of justification, a sound understanding of sanctification, and a sound understanding of ourselves."

Toward a Biblical Approach to Dating

How should Christians approach the conversation about dating? This article by Paul Maxwell helpfully articulates what dating actually is and how to let "theology inform our conduct, intentions, boundaries, relationships, and the manner in which we go about expressing them."

Dream Big, My Darling Daughters

Grant Castleberry writes on a God-centered approach to dreaming. Though this piece is written with his daughters as the subject, he helps point all believers to giving up personal preferences for the great glory of God.