Links For The Church (10/7)

by Staff October 7, 2019

“Break the Teeth in Their Mouths, O God”

Russell Meek writes about the pain of abuse from loved ones and the comfort that the imprecatory psalms have brought him as his has processed these abuses. 

5 Ways Different Generations Can Grow In Christ Together

Unity is one of the primary goals of the church, and worshipping with those who think differently than you can be incredibly difficult. Dan Darling shares encouragement on how to pursue this. 

We Become What We Watch: What Entertainment Does to Our Minds

"We know when to destroy the strongholds of wrong thinking when we’ve tasted what right thinking tastes like, when we’ve fed on it, when it’s nourished our thoughts and imaginations." – Abigail Dodds

6 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Reading the Bible

Stephen Nichols shares creative and basic ways to encourage a love of God's word in your children.