Links For The Church (11/19)

by Staff November 18, 2018

No One I Loved Had Ever Wounded Me So Deeply: Grieving the Reality of a Marriage

Liz Wann writes about when marriage is more difficult than you expect, and things seem dark.

Are Missionaries Good for the World?

Many have speculated about whether or not a missionary's influence has a positive affect on a culture. This article by Doug Ponder answers the question with helpful research about the positive influence of missionaries. 

Two Qualities of the Early Church We Should Pursue Today

Judy Allen encourages the reader to fear the Lord and depend on the Holy Spirit, as the early church did. 

No Soul Is Too Far Gone

Francis Chan writes about the sorrow that comes from longing for someone to come to Christ. 

4 Things My Family Discussed After Passing Victoria’s Secret

In this practical post, Garret Kell shares four things, including thoughts about beauty and sexuality, he taught his kids.

Six Reasons You Should "Go" To Church

"I know God’s people can be abrasive and hypocritical. I know the ritual of religion can keep people far from God even when they’re at church." – Landon Coleman