Links For The Church (11/2)

by Staff November 2, 2020

Only His Heart Can Heal Yours

Greg Morse writes about God’s heart and the extent to which He loves us. He writes about our hardened hearts and how much we need God to change us and cover us with His love.

On Autumn, Anxiety, and the World

“Only Jesus, who spoke Creation into order, who gave life to light and who laid down in the darkness, only to rise again, is unchanging, unshifting.” – Andrea Burke

God Wants You to Call Him “My Father”

Ed Welch writes about our family belonging to God and how God longs for us to recognize him as our Father.

10 Things the Woman Married to Your Pastor Wants You to Know

In this helpful post, Shari Thomas writes about the ways that women married to pastors struggle. She gives insight into what you might not know about pastor’s wives and how you can seek to love them better.