Links For The Church (11/21)

by Staff November 21, 2016

22 Prayers For Your Bible Reading

Kristen Wetherell explains the need for prayer when reading the Bible. She describes it as "cart and horse" relationship and provides prayers from Scripture to prepare us to read Scripture.

In The Name Of Love?

"Let’s not walk down roads disguised as love and unity that are actually paved with fear of the secular world that thinks we are fools. Let’s love the world enough to be very theological, because there is only One who can make the foolish wise."

Should I Rejoice When My Enemy Falls, Or Not?

In this helpful piece, Mike Leake describes a humble posture that we can take towards our enemies while we also maintain a deep love for truth and justice. 

Community Keeps You From Drifting

"People reminding you of the gospel keeps you steady and sure upon the waves of life."