Links For the Church (11/22)

by Staff November 22, 2021

Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing

“The ground on which we move on is not as the original design. The way of life around us that many pursue is not for the eternal good but only for the moment.”

Dear Younger Me, Remember Your Most Important Work

“While questions linger in your mind about your purpose and what the future holds, the Lord is going to teach you more about your most important work, and that is abiding daily in Him.”

Helpful Things You Can Say To Grieving Parents

“I recently consulted with a few other parents who have experienced the loss of a child and want to offer a few things you can say to grieving parents that may prove an encouragement to them—a flicker of light in their time of deep darkness.”

Capturing A Moment

“The happiness of earth is real, but it’s only a taste that always leaves us wanting more, always reminding us (like a picture) that there is more.”