Links For The Church (11/28)

by Staff November 28, 2016

Four Reasons I Love the Church Unapologetically

Karl Vaters debunks the common claim of loving Jesus but not the church. He does not shy away from describing the difficulties of church, but the beautiful depths of its strengths.

What Are The Barriers To True Friendship and Meaningful Evangelism?

This piece by Sharon Dickens deals with the aspect of evangelism in women's ministry. She writes of her own experiences in ministering to women, and how to move beyond unhelpful relationships to deep "equal" friendship. 

Jigs For Marriage and Celibacy

Both marriage and celibacy are types of self-denial. Wesley Hill asks the helpful question, "What kinds of things ought we to be doing, in other words, to help each other along toward the holy martyrdom of either self-giving marriage or self-giving singleness?"

Lessons From A Crying Village Woman

This beautiful story from Philippa Brooks encourages us to look to the magnificent work of the gospel, and let that motivate us to "go and tell" the world what we know to be true of Jesus.