Links For The Church (11/4)

by Staff November 3, 2019

Are We Seeing The First Non-Christian Majority Generation?

Aaron Earls shares some statistics from studies about those who attend church. Churches can take some steps toward drawing in younger generations, such as being open to change and preaching Christ centrally.

Simple Encouragement

Friendship and encouragement are essential parts of the pastoral role. Peter Mead shares four things that encouragement is not in order to better clarify what encouragement really is. 

Why Evangelicals Need Theological Retrieval

"The individualism and autonomy of the modern West have created a sense of barrenness and a loss of transcendence." – Gavin Ortlund

No Matter How Painful the Situation, Ending a Disabled Child’s Life Through Abortion Is Never Right

Stephanie Anderson writes about prenatal diagnoses of disability and how Christians ought to think about the preservation of life. 

God Wrote A Book

"We don’t wait around for holy pleasures. We don’t passively engage God himself through his own words. We stalk. We pursue. We read actively, and study, and meditate." – David Mathis