Links for the Church (12/13)

by Staff December 13, 2021

How Mary’s Song Bridges the Old and New Testament

“The coming of Jesus changed the course of history, but it was also the continuation of a far older story. If only I had understood that if I had a relationship with God, it was only as part of his people, as a new shoot grafted onto the old tree. If only I had seen what it meant that Jesus was a king like David—and one who would reign with perfect justice and peace.”

The Life of Naomi and How Adversity Disguises God at Work

“My life as a Christian is not what I expected. In fact, at one point I said to God, ‘Is this worth it? Thirty years I have followed you as closely as possible, and this is how it turns out? Should I just leave you now? What is the point?‘”

Can Christians Be Under a Curse?

“You may suffer here in the body, but can have the assurance that Christ has dealt with the final consequence of all your sin.”

Devotionals For a New Year 

A list of devotionals, compiled by Tim Challies, recommends full-year, partial-year, topical and bible study devotional material for the new year.