Links For The Church (12/23)

by Staff December 23, 2019

The Forgotten Figure in the Nativity Scene

Joseph is somewhat forgotten when we think of the Christmas story. Daniel Eng writes about this man, his family, and what we can learn from him.

Our Deliverer

"When we see how deeply our own sin runs—like the unforgiving, debt-ridden servant standing before the king—it refocuses our eyes on the only one who can offer us forgiveness." – Autumn Kern

Far as the Curse is Found

Eric Roberts writes that sin permeated the earth when the curse entered through our rebellion. When Jesus came to earth, he made things right and brought redemption to the land. 

How to Give God Your Pulpit

"Self-centered pastors think the church revolves around them, but Bible-centered pastors believe that all of life revolves around God and His revealed Word." – Nate Pickowicz