Links For The Church (12/25)

by Staff December 25, 2017

What The Incarnation Means For Our Bodies

Jesus' care for us is not just spiritual – his coming to earth in flesh shows his care for the physical as well. Dan Darling writes on the Christmas story's effect on our bodies. 

Every Woman Wants a Role Model—Someone to Look Up To. Is Mary that Person?

Gabriella Siefert writes, "Mary was not some weak, frail, fragile woman. She was radical—revolutionary at her core. She opened her womb—one of the most vulnerable parts of her being—to a God who she knew would not see her sacrifice go to waste."

Are You Haunted by Christmas?

Charles Dickens' famous Christmas ghosts have deep meaning. Chris Hefner tells of three other ghosts that may haunt your Christmas spirit. 

3 Things Mary Knew About Her Baby Boy

Turns out Mary did know things about her baby. But what exactly did she know? Jonathan J. Routley shares what the Bible tells Mary knew about Jesus.