Links For the Church (12/27)

by Staff December 27, 2021

When a Good God Seems Far from Good

“No matter what we may be enduring, we usually know the right answer – “Yes, this is hard, but God is still good.” And yet there are times when we say those words and truly want to believe them, but underneath we’re wrestling with, “How can a good and loving Father allow this? I don’t feel his love and care for me right now. No matter how hard I try, I can’t see any way that he can bring good through this.

Pastors Should Have Friends in the Church. Do They?

“Yes, pastors and their wives should have close friends within the church, but this doesn’t mean they will. Such a sentence is hard to write; it is an even harder reality to face. Friendships within the church are so often difficult for pastors and their families.”

The Neglected Ministry of Specific Encouragement 

“You will almost certainly come across someone today who needs encouragement. Yes, today. Make the most of this opportunity by making your encouragement specific, asking how the person did it, and giving credit to the Holy Spirit.”

Know the Ideal Church. Commit to the Real Church.

“You will never find a local Church that perfectly exhibits all the desired traits given in the New Testament. In fact, local Churches in the New Testament time didn’t even exhibit those traits perfectly (see 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, and the letters to the 7 Churches in Revelation). So when you are looking for a local Church to join, look for one where you see its members and leadership who are aware and are striving for the New Testament ideal.”

In the Darkest Night: Draw Near, Hold Fast, Consider Others

“In the darkest season of my life, I was lifted decisively out of the pit by a passage in the book of Hebrews. The three simple commands embedded in it made all the difference.”