Links For The Church (12/30)

by Staff December 30, 2019

Bonhoeffer Convinced Me to Abandon My Dream

"The pastor is not an entrepreneur. We are called to a project already underway." – Chase Replogle

Helping Our Kids Fight Against Materialism

Kids may have a hard time understanding why we should not value perishable things. Jason Dollar writes about ways we can model generosity and kingdom-mindedness to children.

Gospel Driven Theology

Sihle Xulu writes about theology that is formed through the lens of the gospel, focusing on Christ as the central figure of all theology.

Lottie’s Impact A Century Later

This helpful article explains who Lottie Moon was and why she is still impacting our world today.

God Uses Everything: Why Our Suffering Is Never Wasted

Vaneetha Risner writes that all pain, suffering,and trial has a purpose. We can trust God to use hard things to help us trust Him more.