Links For the Church (2/07)

by Staff February 7, 2022

In Love with the Life You Don’t Have 

“And while the world, the flesh, and the devil tempt us to chase and chase, God offers himself as the end of our satisfaction. He gives himself as the grand punctuation to end our search for more.”

Ways to Disagree Without Teaching Each Other Down

“Disagreeing in ways that tear each other down will cause anger, resentment, and pain. If not dealt with, those jabs can harm and build walls between people. They may even destroy relationships. Even if the participants remain friends or married, they’ve injured each other so many times that the warmth is gone and they just go through the motions.

So how do we handle disagreements in ways that aren’t harmful?”

You Might Be a Stingy Forgiver If… 

“Our heavenly Father, though righteously angry at every sin that affronts His holy character, never wallows in that anger for His own pleasure. He stands ready, willing, and hoping to forgive the very  moment a sinner calls on His name.

How can I stingily withhold forgiveness, when every time I call upon the Lord, I receive His lavish, opulent compassion?”

Six Things Lament is Not

“The existence of lament Psalms and the book of Lamentations show us that lament was not reserved for occasional, tragic events. Lament is appropriate in those drastic times, but it was also part of the ongoing, regular worship of God’s people.”