Links For the Church (2/14)

by Staff February 14, 2022

Freedom from the Tyranny of “Success”

“Faithfulness, simply, is embracing and obediently using what you’ve been given according to God’s wisdom and grace. To say it even more simply, faithfulness is obedience—obedience to God’s commands, calling, and gifting—and obedience is success.”

When Pressing “Unfollow” is Not an Option

“How does one navigate the complexities of the modern age? What do we do when an opposing point of view is not encountered on a screen, but rather, face-to-face?”

On Ministry Transitions (and Leaving ‘Loose-Ends’ in Christ)

“The decision to leave my current post was not made lightly; it was a long process with much prayer and counsel. The difficulty I now face is not indecision, but rather entrusting my ‘loose ends’ to Christ and the undershepherds he’s raised up to care for this flock I so dearly love.”

God Loves Through Human Love

“God loves through means. Ηe channeled his abundant love on us through this friend, allowing us to witness the beauty of divine and human grace for those in need. His act of generosity was simultaneously a gracious act of self-giving, and it immediately redirected my eyes and heart to the self-giving love of Christ.”

Life is a Glory War

“Take time to let awe of him capture the thoughts, desires, and emotions of your heart one more time. And then jump for joy that you are connected to this awesome one by grace.”