Links For The Church (2/15)

by Staff February 15, 2021

This Is How He Carries You

How does God carry us through trials that seem too much to bear? Lauren Washer writes about the different ways God helps us and carries us through trials in this life.

Worshiping the Infinite and Intimate God

“And the more we understand how different he is, the more we will marvel that he has chosen to draw near to us, that he knows us, calls us by name, and delights in us.” – Bob Kauflin

The Gift Giver’s Joy

Ed Welch reflects on Jesus’ great gift-giving ability and the ways He delights in loving his children.

The Onliest Way

“The exclusivity of the gospel is an offense to people who think they don’t need anything to be saved from, who think they are fine without Jesus and His cross.” – Glenna Marshall

How to Lead with Humility and Accountability

Paul Tripp writes about the necessity for Christian leaders to lead in humble ways. He encourages commitment to a church body and to those who call out sin.

We Must Reclaim Friendship From the Bonds of Social Media

What is real, deep, true friendship? We may have thousands of followers and hundreds of “friends” on social media, but is this what friendship really means? Chris Martin answers these questions and many others in this helpful post.