Links For The Church (2/17)

by Staff February 15, 2020

The Most Unsung Discipleship Tool In Our Churches

Worship can and should be part of the way we disciple in our churches. Mike Harland writes about how this tool can be used and why we should prioritize in as part of our discipleship plan. 

What Is the Meaning of Marriage?

"Our marriage imitates divine marriage, and its stability and our faithfulness to our partners evince the faithfulness of God" – Wyatt Graham

Encouragement for Seasons of Loneliness

Michelle Hicks writes about how to combat loneliness, where to look for support and encouragement, and biblical wisdom as well. 

Don’t Follow Your Heart

"Even though the mind, desires, and will of the Christian’s heart are already made new by the saving act of God’s grace we are still a people who are not yet perfected." – A. Craig Troxel

Keeping Our Hobbies from Becoming Idols 

In this helpful post, David Platt provides 7 ways to prevent idolatry in our hobbies and 4 ways to use them for God's glory. 

We Need More Fathers

Chris Thomas writes on "Christian Celebrity" culture, the importance of humble leadership, and fathers as guides.