Links For The Church (2/22)

by Staff February 22, 2021

Keep Your Soul Diligently

Kristin Couch reflects on keeping ourselves from sin. She shares personal reflections and encourages a diligent pursuit of prayer and trusting God.

Dear Pandemic-Weary Pastor

“If you’re experiencing feelings of helplessness or even hopelessness, if you’re frustrated or fearful, know this: you aren’t alone.”

The Pain of Pretended Omniscience

Andrew Roycroft writes that we have access to much knowledge, but lack in wisdom. We must, though, know our place in the world and that the point of our existence was never omniscience.

When Your Husband Is Your Pastor: Counsel to Wives in Ministry

In this encouraging post, Jani Ortlund gives practical and Biblical advice for women who are married to pastors.