Links For The Church (2/25)

by Staff February 24, 2019

Where Are All the Single Pastors?

Sam Allberry provides four reasons that churches prefer married pastors to single pastors. He points out that the problem may not be with single pastors but with singleness itself. 

Three Biblical Prayers to Say for Your Parents

We don't often think to pray for our parents. Chelsea Stanley provides guidance and Biblical foundation for praying for our parents.

When God is Silent: Workplace Confessions

Augustine of Hippo writes in The Confessions about the struggle between loving God and feeling God's silence. Matthew Kaemingk writes about what Augustine can teach professionals in the workplace.

Is It Ever Okay To Be Discontent?

Discontentment has its place for the Christian. Jacquelle Crowe shares that discontentment is usually wrong, but there is a time and place for it. 

Thinking Through Old Testament Violence

"Christians do well to remember that most of us, as gentiles, belong on the Canaanite side of the story in Judges. We are living proof of the grand scope and glorious mercy of God’s rescue mission." – Andrew Judd