Links For The Church (2/28)

by Staff February 27, 2017

3 Reasons You Should Not Use Social Media

There is difficulty in navigating how to use social media wisely. There are times when our usage of it is blatantly sinful. These three reasons were given by Chris Martin to help us see when we should not use social media. 

The Secret to Raising Faithful Kids

How can we teach our children to obey God? The solution provided in this post is gospel-saturated and helps parents rest in the grace of God. 

8 Things North American Believers Can Learn From Believers Around The World

Each of these lessons gives perspective to our American church life. We do not have categories for persecution and we struggle to make ourselves the center of the world. This helpful word sheds light on our American blind spots. 

Three Benefits of Discipleship

"We really need each other, though we often try to go at it alone. We truly need reproof and instruction, though we seldom seek it out. This is why discipleship is so important."