Links For The Church (2/6)

by Staff February 6, 2017

The English Word I Most Hate

Anne Kennedy describes the word "self-care" and how it needs to be abolished in light of the gospel. It isn't because we shouldn't care for ourselves, but because God is the true provider of all things caring. 

Pro-Lifers Focusing on Abortion

The pro-life movement has received much critique about its solely unborn child focused nature. Matthew Lee Anderson explains why it's right that this is our emphasis and why our cause is justified. 

It's Not Trump, It's Us

"I fear that we are killing one another and our country with thoughtless, careless and destructive language that is pushing us farther apart rather than bringing us closer together."

You Don't Find Community By Looking For It

Though community is a crucial aspect of the Christian life, yet it should not be what we seek after. The object of our focus and attention should be exalting Christ, and this can be done in and through community.

Enter to Win the Puritan Paperbacks This July!

Charles Spurgeon once said, “By all means read the Puritans, they are worth more than all the modern stuff put together.”

The Puritans offer their readers a comprehensive, gospel-centered view of the Christian life where all of Christ matters for all of life. In recent years, Banner of Truth has published a 49-volume set called the Puritan Paperbacks where Christians today can glean from the Puritans of the past.

During the month of July, we’re giving away the entire 49-volume Puritan Paperback series for free to one providentially favored participant who enters. Enter today for your chance to win!