Links For The Church (3/11)

by Staff March 11, 2019

When You Make Your Bed In Hell

Andrea Burke writes about when we are struggling to trust God and obey His word. She shares part of her personal story and gives encouragement to those who doubt. 

Four Worship Essentials in Healthy Churches

"Aspire for excellence in worship with purpose of gospel story going forth through your worship ministry, not for simply musical excellence." – Mike Harland

5 Pieces of Advice for Discussing Gender Roles with Other Christians

In this carefully written article, Abigail Dodds writes about the way to approach a conversation about gender roles. She encourages the reader to continue conversations and be gracious toward one another. 

Rethinking Unreached Peoples: Why Place Still Matters In Global Missions

David Platt reshapes our understanding of unreached people groups. The gospel does not just need to be taken to the most isolated places in the world, but also the places where high concentrations of lost people live.