Links For The Church (3/27)

by Staff March 26, 2017

Trusting God Enough To Lament

The Psalms teach us to pour out our sorrows to God. David Gundersen writes about the posture we need to come to God with our lamentations. 

Why I Didn't Sing When I Visited Your Church

Tim Challies describes why people may not be singing in a church, and encourages ways to make the time of singing a more welcoming time. 

The Fearful and Wonderful Art of Flirting

Flirtation has its place in relationships between men and women. Yet there are warnings that come with it, especially in our social media society. Tony Reinke explains why it is good, and how it can easily destroy. 

Is My Desire Sour?

When milk is sour we pour it down the sink and wash it away. What do we do with our soured desires? We confess them. We pour out our hearts to Christ, lean on his mercy, trust in his righteousness, and beg him to change our hearts.