Links For The Church (3/6)

by Staff March 4, 2017

Confessions of an Image-Conscious Achiever-Type

How do ambition and integrity mesh? Scott Sauls writes that no matter what circumstances come about, our identity in Jesus demands our full trust in Him, even when integrity costs us something. 

Finding Home in Exile

"Whether it’s physical, relational, emotional, occupational, or everything combined, we all have felt exiled in some way, and we all long to feel at “home.” But what if exile is not the cacophonous word we believe it is? What if I told you exile can be a blessing?"

The Dark Side of Small Group

Confession without accountability is dangerous. In this C. S. Lewis-style letter, Greg Morse reveals the necessity for discipline in our small groups.

This I Know

Kim Cash Tate works through several attributes of God that give her hope when she remembers them. She remembers what she knows, and this helps the reader cling to God.