Links For The Church (4/3)

by Staff April 3, 2017

It's Time to Redefine Ministry

What is ministry? Is it only for paid pastors? Sharon Hodde Miller answers this question and poses a helpful solution in this post. 

You Cannot Raise Snowflakes in Jesus' Name

David Prince calls out the parental tendency to protect their children from risk. He reminds the reader that parents should raise children ready to fight for others instead of only caring for themselves. 

Folding Singles into Family in the Life of the Church

This piece gives helpful, biblical steps for incorporating people without spouses into the lives of the church. He provides ways for pastors to equip their congregations to do the work of "folding singles into family."

Seven Unshakeable Promises for Anxious Souls

"Time and again I’ve found that the greatest antidote to anxiety is to consistently remind myself of the unshakable promises we have in God’s word."

3 Keys to Protecting Your Leadership Credibility

Leadership is influence and influence must be stewarded well. Ed Stetzer encourages us to listen and react with wisdom to issues that may arise in a leadership role.