Links For The Church (4/30)

by Staff April 29, 2018

Should Pastors 'Get Things Done'?

A pastor's time may be organized well, but there are many aspects of his role that seem inefficient. John Starke defends the pastors who seemingly "don't get much done."

Trust God With The Spiritual Gifts He Gives

Sometimes we are not content with the gifts that God gives us. To combat this, Kristen Wetherell shares 5 truths from scripture about our spiritual gifts. 

Make It Easy For Your Kids To Love God

Ray Ortlund encourages parents to show children the glories of God, not just the things they should not do. 

Christian Hospitality Is Radically Different from ‘Southern Hospitality’

In this interview with Rosaria Butterfield, she explains how hospitality should not just be a cultural experience, but a distinctly Christian practice. 

Racial Reconciliation and Cultural Diversity in the SBC 

"As we look to the future of our Convention, would you join me in asking God to give us the courage to speak—and live—a similar word of counter-cultural, racially diverse, bold, and unified faith?" – J.D. Greear