Links For The Church (4/5)

by Staff April 5, 2021

Right in Our Own Eyes: How Pride Keeps Us from Counsel

Jon Bloom writes about the ways we may avoid or ignore the counsel of fellow believers. Our motivation for this is pride and he encourages us to listen to wisdom.

The Local Church and the Missionary

With our increasingly changing culture, missionaries are valuable examples to the local church of how to engage and share the gospel with our neighbors. Peter Mead points us to listen to the missionary’s wisdom.

When You’ve Given Your Troubles to God—But Still Can’t Sleep

“What we need more than anything is for God, in all his glory, to carry us even when the hours of sleep aren’t enough to get us through the day.” – Courtney Reissig.

How Should Christians Be Discipled to Engage Pop Culture?

Taylor Combs provides practical and Biblical advice for engaging pop culture. Pastors can give godly and balanced guidelines to their churches, and believers can consume pop culture with a careful eye.