Links For The Church (4/9)

by Staff April 8, 2018

My Confession: Toward A More Balanced Gospel

Paul Tripp writes about the balance between grace and injustice. He shares his journey and what he has learned to bring him to this desire for a balanced gospel. 

Does Your Heart Run on Hype?

"That is why it is better to drop our expectations of natural, high-octane passion every single week in worship, even as we raise our hopes for genuine, God-exalting spiritual affections." – Matt Merker

10 Things You Should Know about Christian Hospitality

Rosaria Butterfield shares what we ought to know about hospitality, and why we ought to make it a priority. 

Instructions on Prayer: 1 Timothy 2

Before we debate this passage, do we pray for one another? This is the question Lore Wilbert asks in this devotional post.