Links For The Church (5/1)

by Staff April 30, 2017

Saying "The Gospel Is Enough" Is Not Enough

The statement is true, no doubt. Yet Jasmine Holmes presses deeper and explains that we need to actually share the gospel with one another instead of simply offering the phrase like a band-aid. 

Why The Church Needs The Infertile Couple

Matthew Lee Anderson shares the way that couples who struggle with infertility are a "unique and irreplaceable witness" for the world, and are a gift "bearing witness to goods that the church risks forgetting otherwise."

7 Ways To Fight Distraction In Prayer

Many Christians struggle to stay focused while they pray. These seven helpful suggestions from Gavin Ortlund will not only equip you to pray with direction but also enrich your prayer life in general. 

Consider Your Child's Personality In The Hands of a Redemptive God

"It’s not that the characteristic itself changes; it’s that God gives them an appropriate avenue for the expression of that characteristic."