Links For The Church (5/15)

by Staff May 15, 2017

Why Do Christians Love the Law?

We may ask ourselves whether it is possible to truly love the law. In this piece, Burk Parsons explains how a love for the law ultimately points us to love Jesus. 

Four Tips to Encourage Single Women in Their Work

The pursuit of a career can challenge single women and cause them to hesitate. Yet single women are called to use their gifts for God's glory, and these four tips help the church learn how to lift up single working women. 

The Culturally Competent Biblical Counselor 

Counselors are likely to minister to people who come from different cultural backgrounds. Because of this, Victoria Mwongela provides helpful ways biblical counselors can be humble and strive to understand these various cultural differences. 

4 Ways Christians Can Stand Out at Work 

Generosity and authenticity are just two of the many ways that Christians can display Jesus at work. The testimony of a Christian in the workplace is crucial, so this piece by Bethany Jenkins helps us understand how to guard it well.