Links For The Church (5/22)

by Staff May 22, 2017

Love the One You're With

Commitment to a church may at times feel like an easy-to-dispense relationship. Yet we are called to love those in our church because Jesus calls us to love them. Jon Bloom explains why we should stick with our churches for the long haul. 

Biblical Womanhood Doesn't Begin and End with Proverbs 31

"All Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, gives us information about what it means to obey Christ and live a life set apart for him, regardless of the gender-specific nature of each passage."

Saved to Serve

Stephen Graves shares the stories of three men who served wherever they found themselves able to do so. Each of these men are examples of how we can work hard for the glory of God. 

The Centrality of the Word in Discipleship

The Word of God is our breakfast; it is the essential meal of the day. Wendy Alsup writes about her need for God's Word for every day's sustenance.