Links For The Church (5/27)

by Staff May 27, 2019

Satan Will Sing You to Sleep: Waking Up from Spiritual Indifference

Spiritual sleepiness is a far greater danger than any power of this world. If we are not sharing the gospel, then we might be asleep. Jon Bloom shares why and how we overcome this sleepiness. 

The Role of the Body in Healing After Trauma

Karen Swallow Prior reflects on her traumatic bus accident, and she writes, "Because human beings are both bodies and souls, our brokenness will always manifest itself both physically and spiritually."

Why Do Christians Worship on Sunday?

In this helpful post, Daniel Hyde explains biblically why we worship on Sundays, and what implications this has for our lives. 

Don't Quit – Learn To Lament 

Lament helps us reconcile the difficulties of life and ministry, and helps us remember that we are human and need God. Mark Vroegop shares how to lament in pastoral ministry. 

The Difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims and Why It Matters

Madeline Arthington gives an explanation of the two major sects of Islam, what their similarities and differences are, and how to share the gospel with Muslims in light of these facts.

Waiting When God Seems Silent

"Just because we can’t hear God exulting doesn’t mean He is not rejoicing over us with shouts of joy." -Randy Alcorn