Links For The Church (5/29)

by Staff May 29, 2017

6 Ways to Avoid Delayed Adulthood

David Gundersen explains the basic path to maturity. The church desperately needs mature Christians ready to fight for God's glory and this post encourages adults to press forward into maturity.

Treating Young Women as Sisters in Absolute Purity

How can men treat young women in purity and as sisters? The two may seem opposed, but overemphasis on either damages relationships between members of the church. Denny Burk encourages brotherly love with absolute purity in this helpful piece.

Six Ways Men Can Support Women's Discipleship

In this piece, which is complementary to the article above, Trillia Newbell gives practical suggestions for ways that pastors and men in the church can be involved in the biblical discipleship of women.

A Theology of the Home

Our early homes can be a source of pain and struggle. Yet the home, for the Christian, points to the greater home of heaven that never fails. "For the church to remain a city on the hill, the light of the gospel must shine brightly in the home."

What Should I Do When I'm Struggling to Read God's Word?

Kristen Wetherell shares four "helps" for believers to read the Word and "pursue humble dependence on God." This piece is filled with encouragement that God's grace rests on the struggling Christian.