Links For The Church (6/1)

by Staff June 1, 2020

We Are All Exiles Now

J.K. Wall writes about the concept of being an exile, and what the Bible says about it. 

Defeating Despair

When we feel despair, what do we do? How can we combat these feelings? Tim Pasma shares how to think through despair and address it rightly. 

Recovering Tolerance As A Christian Virtue

"How can Christians learn to not just coexist but to love brothers and sisters with whom they passionately disagree? Tolerance is a key part of the answer."

Still Growing

Melissa shares about how she has grown in her marriage, and how she and her husband continue to grow in their union. 

Preaching Under The Smile And The Smiting Rod

"I don’t wish to so accentuate the positive that I lose an opportunity to repent, and I don’t want to so lament the loss of public meeting that I downplay the word of Christ being brought into the marketplace."

Every Woman Needs the Whole Bible 

Every word of the Bible is for everyone. Rachel Jankovic shares the accessibility of God's Word and particularly how women can access it.