Links For The Church (6/10)

by Staff June 15, 2020

Not Our Home

"To receive the promised inheritance of “the world”—which God had given to Abraham and his seed (Ps. 37:11, 22; Rom. 4:13; Matt. 5:5; Gal. 3:16)—the Son of God had to travel through this world as a stranger." – Nicholas Batzig

When Our Own Understanding Fails

Madelyn Canada reflects on Psalm 131 and its implications for when we do not understand what God is doing.

The Monotony of the Wilderness: Are You Just Marking Time?

Not everything we do is extraordinary, but that does not mean we should waste our time. Mike Emlet writes about faithfulness in all things, even those that seem meaningless since quiet faithfulness produces fruit.

How to Pray for Your Kids This Summer

Sam Crabtree shares practical and biblical ways to pray for your children this summer. With these prayers comes suggestions on shepherding children and encouraging their growth.

Tis the Season to Assume

In this helpful post by Kristin Pichura, we can consider what it means to assume the best of others in the midst of a world where there are so many conflicting opinions. 

Think Like A Farmer

"We think we should be farther along, we fear we have no business expecting a crop with so little investment, we wonder if God cares about our daily labors to know and love Him more." – Glenna Marshall