Links For The Church (6/17)

by Staff June 17, 2019

The Battle for Biblical Truth

John MacArthur writes a helpful piece on the reliability of Scripture and how to interpret it rightly. He gives helpful encouragement for coming to a rational understanding of God's Word. 

‘I’m Not Enough’: A Missionary’s Battle with Insufficiency

Being on the mission field can cause a lot of issues to surface. Katlyn Pedroza shares her story of struggle while overseas and gives hope to those who may be in a similar season. 

Stop Loving Your Spouse Too Much

"Every marriage is either Christian or idolatrous. And two married Christians can be idolatrous, without even realizing it." – Ray Ortlund

Another one bites the dust…

Andy Constable recounts a story of someone who has seemingly walked away from Christianity. He shares the hard feelings that come when you watch someone struggle, but how we can also hope in the gospel.