Links For The Church (6/19)

by Staff June 19, 2017

Race: A Topic Worth Speaking About

Trillia Newbell writes: "This isn’t a topic left to the public, news sources, and/or politics, rather this is a topic that the church must not only take up, but be on the forefront of engagement."

Why Anxiety Plagues So Many Creative People

Whether it is comparativeness or misplaced identity, creative people must fight the sins that lead to anxiety. Christians who long to create should examine themselves and pray for God's help to fight against anxiety.

Soulful Living in an Age of Production

Abby Perry writes to encourage us not to work like machines, but rather to slow down and live life as God intended. We are needy humans who should live full and rich lives for God's glory.

10 Sure Marks of Humility

It is hard for a Christian to know if they are growing in humility. Tim Challies helps the believer see 10 different ways the humility of Jesus is manifested in our lives.