Links For The Church (6/25)

by Staff June 24, 2018

4 Ways to Integrate Singles in the Local Church

Anna Schaeffer writes that "sometimes singles can fall through the cracks in church ministry." She shares four ways that the church can integrate and uplift single people in their congregations.

Prayerful People in Perilous Times

We can give much verbal commentary on the awful things that take place in our world without ever going to the Lord in prayer. Brian Key calls us to pray and explains that this is an active attack on evil in the world. 

Loving Wisdom Like The Early Church

Matthew Arbo writes that "philosophy is of great importance to the early church," and as he shares why it was important to the early church, he also encourages the church today to pursue love of wisdom. 

You Do Not Have Much Time

 "Now, this; tomorrow, that. The Lord Jesus fills our time with the unspeakable comfort of promised great reversals. Lose your life today for the sake of Jesus and his gospel; save it tomorrow." – David Gibson