Links For The Church (6/26)

by Staff June 25, 2017

Joy Comes in the Morning, But Not Tomorrow

When does joy arrive? What does this phrase mean? In this short but rich piece, Barnabas Piper writes on the promise of joy and when you should expect it. 

Teach Children the Bible is Not About Them

Sally Lloyd-Jones shares why the stories of the Bible should not be made into moral lessons. Rather, they should point children to the main character of the whole Bible (God) and let Him direct their hearts.

The Little Girl In That Car

In this piece, Brian Key encourages us to lament the real people "whose pain cannot be quantified by a hashtag." We ought to feel deeply and pray earnestly against injustice while still holding to the comfort found in God.

Finding My 'True Self' As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman

Bekah Mason poses this question, "How can we better hold law and grace in an effective tension that allows us to maintain our convictions and also show love toward those who do not?" and gives a thorough answer in this helpful piece.

6 Things To Do With Your Anxiety

It's easy to let anxiety rule your life. David Powlison equips us with 6 tools to fight anxiety when it rears its head.